April ArtSnacks Review
So, I got my first ArtSnacks package today (the second they’ve had so far) and I have to say, I love it.
I was sort of hesitant because I didn’t like what they included in the first month’s package, but this month changed my mind completely.

I received:

• General’s Tri-Tip Soft White Eraser
- I’ve always been fond of this eraser and was so happy to find it in the box.

• Spectrum Noir Market in BP5 (Hot Pink)
- I had a lot of fun with this marker and it’s really awesome having a fine and broad tip. The only thing that will take some time getting used to is it spreads a bit. It also bleeds pretty substantially if you give it much pressure on anything less than thick paper/card stock .

•Caran D’Ache Fancolor Colored Pencil in 1288 (Light Blue)
- It’s not the best watercolor pencil I’ve used to date but I really loved sketching with it.

•General Pencil Peel & Sketch Charcoal
- The paper I tried them all out on wasn’t the best suited for charcoal, but it still came out pretty decently. Very nice for those who like soft charcoals, just not very dark.

•Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Marker Pen (Green)
-The design of the pen itself is really cute and so comfortable. I don’t really work with colored pens often, but I’m definitely going to have to look into buying some of these.
The pen tip is durable and of perfect size (personally); the ink doesn’t spread or bleed and it’s so easily to control how much comes out.

If my review helped at all and you consider trying the ArtSnacks subscription (only $20 a month and you can cancel at any time), please put my name (Alexia Gonzalez) in the “Did someone refer you?” section, and we could both win a free month!